Just A Thought

So I realize that things have been a little negative here lately, so, here’s a little sneak peek inside the random thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. Nothing too off the wall, but I’d thought I’d share anyway.

-First off, it is mind boggling how hot Mark Wahlberg is. Seriously.

-I get unbelievably depressed when I think about people who go through their adult life with no imagination. How boring must their life be?! Mm. I’m sorry, you non-imaginative people. You’re missing out for sure.

-Being a nerd is one of the greatest things you can be. Seriously, that’s a whole new extension to imagination. And it’s glorious. Lol

-Being loved is also one of the greatest things you can be. To love and be loved in return is the only thing greater.

-Cuddling with your fur babies has a healing power that no other comfort does. My dog may be almost 80 pounds, but he’s 80 pounds of lap dog, for sure. And I don’t think he realizes it either.

-There is no waste in a day spent in its entirety reading. None. End of story.

-Quick intelligent wit is the most assured way to my heart. Along with humor. And compassion, of course.

-Any book that can reference Ghostbusters, batman, Lord of the Rings, and go into an entire fictitious rant between Kirk and Spock, is hands DOWN created by one of the most comical minds of my time. (I feel that there is a need to edit this and tell you that this mind does exist. Kevin Hearne. Look him up, thank me later.)

And there ya go. A little insight to the nicer side of my brain, the appreciative side. It comes out every once in a while.

Stay beautiful, yall XOXO ❤


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