I was NOT made for this

Ok all you way-north-of-the-equator people…hats off to you. It is currently 20 degrees outside. Up from the 16 degree weather I woke up to. And let me just tell you…I don’t like it. I was made for sand under my feet, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, tshirts….not peacoats, scarves, sweaters, gloves and freaking ski masks. Lol

It is so cold outside that it hurts. And if that’s the case, that tells me it’s not right.

And don’t get me wrong, I know I’m being a baby. I know it could be colder. However, Mother Nature is playing mind games with me. In my mind, if it’s this cold there needs to be signs of it. Sunny, no clouds, and a high of 20 degrees doesn’t make sense to me. At least provide me with the beautiful misery of snow on the ground! Things need to match, and sunny and 20 degrees do not match.

Anyway, to those that deal with this all the time, and in colder temperatures, more power to ya. Because this girl was not made for it.

Stay warm, yall XOXO ❤️


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