A letter from the stars

Dear lost one,
You may or may not already know, but we watch you in awe from way up here each night. Some of us stay awake during the day just to keep an eye on you. I wish you could see how excited we get when you lie down at night just to see us. We’re always looking down to you, it’s nice to have someone look back up. You may not have noticed, but we try and shine just a little brighter for you.
It’s such a wonder the power you all have over one another. You can lift someone sky high just by saying hello, and then make someone wish they were ten feet in the ground with a simple look.
We keep so many secrets that it’s a wonder how we don’t all burst at the same time. It’s hard not being able to tell you that you’re not the only one hurting, or that she has things to say but can’t.
You’re not as alone as you think, you know. That’s what I wish I could tell you the most. There’s always one of you thinking about the other, and you don’t even realize it. And then, there’s always one of you going through something so terrible that something deep in your soul tells you you’re all alone. That no one else would ever understand the complicated pain twisting in your gut. But that’s not true! I want you to believe that that’s never true. There’s always someone else who gets it. There’s always someone else who feels that way too. You just can’t see them. But I can.
You’re not alone. I know how you must feel, being just one among billions. Believe me. I get it. But you’re not as lost as you may feel. I promise.
And if you ever doubt that, look up. I’ll be there to remind you.
With love,
The Stars


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