Intro to Skype: 101

I’m so sorry I haven’t been as available on here as I’d like. I haven’t updated much, even though there is much to update you on. I promise all will be revealed (not like it’s a giant project or a statue in the middle of town-square, but still)!

However, I will tell you, I just discovered the beautiful world of Skype.

Yes. I do realize how old that makes me sound. Does that bother me?! Not particularly.

First off, thank you to my sister-in-law for forcing this little connection into my world. I got to see my sweet, handsome, little nephew laugh and coo and show me how much bigger he’s gotten. I was hit with how much I miss that baby boy. The reunification of the gingers will take place soon, just not soon enough. So while I can’t be there to watch him learn things, like how to crawl, or to listen to him talk nonsense, there is still Skype.

Things have been pretty crazy lately, from things at work, at home, to doctors appointments and unexpected reality checks. And you know, sometimes you just need your best friend. You need the one person that’s going to understand. The one person whose very soul is made of the same things as yours.

That person for me happens to be going through the unimaginable pain that at some point, we all feel, but are never ready for. And I wish more than anything that I could be there for her. I wish that I could take the pain that she’s feeling and put it in a little jar. If I could I’d close it up tight so that she can feel only what she’s ready to feel, in doses she’s ready to take. Pain needs to be felt, it needs to be acknowledged, but I wish that I could make it easier for her. She also just so happens to be, literally, on the other side of the country. So that urge to go to her house and just grab a beer and talk and cry about everything and nothing is kind of hard to fulfill.

Until now!!

Now, I can walk around and show her the oddball things I’ve found that only she’d appreciate. I can show her the books quickly filling up my multiple bookshelves. We’ve already giggled at the revelation that many of our books are A) the same and B) arranged the exact same way. I’ve reassured her that the one’s she left in my care are still here safe and sound, in a home where they are loved.

“Have you read this one yet?! Oh I have that one, too!!! EEE!! You have Sirius’s wand?! Unacceptable.”
“…Is that sarcasm?”
“No. I say that because the amount of jealousy is too much for me. So you can’t have one.”

I love her. She’s beautiful, unstable, brilliant, unpredictable, emotional, innocent, offensive, genuine, loyal, absolutely insane, and one of my favorite people on this planet.

So tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I will be spending the evening drinking and rifling through Netflix with my best friend, whom I have missed with every fiber of my being.

And you know what, it’s already turning into one of the best nights I’ve had since she left.

Thank you, technology. Here’s to taking the time to forget, even for a second, that life tends to be somewhat of a bitch.

Stay connected, yall! XOXO ❤


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  1. Anonymous says:

    YOU AND ME ❤


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