Score one for the hopeless romantic in me

A while back I had written here about Ed Sheeran and his blatant disregard for my needs of finding new music. At the time I didn’t appreciate seeking new artists amid the singer/songwriter section of iTunes, only to find all but a mere 5 were…I believe I referred to him as, Ed motherfreakin Sheeran. Sure I liked him just fine. But I wasn’t freaking out about him. I was, however, freaking out about his tyrannical takeover of the singer/songwriter charts.

So I ignored the Sheeran frenzie. I ignored his sly lyrics and sweet melodies. I ignored his declaration that love is all he had, and his vow to hold on to what’s in the pages and photographs, and to hell with bleeding hearts….I ignored him…

And yet. Somehow. That weasel Pandora managed to get my fingers tapping against my steering wheel to the tunes of that ginger lyricist anyway. I feel the need to update you on my guilty pleasure and my most recent defeat. Ed motherfreakin Sheeran. I am in love with the music of Ed Sheeran. What can I say, the kid has a way with words. I’m a sucker for those…

Now, I’ve learned a valuable lesson thanks to my sweet friend, Pandora. Where I say “No. No, you can’t make me.” Pandora says, “Oh, ye of little faith. Do hide and watch.” And I find Pandora is often right about what I want to hear, more often than even some of my dearest humans are. And that’s all right. I guess I can embrace my inner hopeless romantic. I can sway to his heartbreak and proclamations of love. I can appreciate his spoken word.

He’s a good lyrical egg, that Sheeran kid.

It’s just another night
And I’m staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you
I sang a lullaby
By the waterside and knew
If you were here,
I’d sing to you

Ed/Pandora: 1 (even though I was cheated and hoodwinked)

Alli: 0

Stay beautiful, yall XOXO ❤️


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