Warehouse 502

She smiled at him.

He smiled back.

He caught her as she began to fall, clearly groggy as the drugs kicked in. ‘Well that was easy,’ Adam thought to himself. He sat on the sidewalk with her head resting on his leg, phone to his ear as though he were calling 911. It’s a wonder no one stopped to make sure she was ok. Adam was only 13 for crying out loud, taking care of a grown woman who had just ‘fainted’ on the middle of a busy sidewalk. As far as he was concerned that just proved his point about how selfish society had become.

Then again, he had gotten her to come outside under the very premise that Jeremy stood for. He was so convinced that his precious humans weren’t selfish at all. This woman certainly wasn’t. She had come outside to help Adam and this is where it got her. Unconscious on the sidewalk, about to be whisked away to a warehouse that no one knew about…

Just then James pulled up in the ambulance Adam had bought online. They made a scene for story’s sake and Adam was amused at how well James played the part of the EMT. Big, bulky, heartless James was showing so much concern for this woman that Adam almost forgot they were kidnapping her.

They loaded her into the back of the ambulance and Adam got in behind her. As James was preparing to shut the door Adam noticed, once more, that no ones life had been altered by any of the events taking place on that busy sidewalk. People still walked by, stone cold looks on their faces. The only ones that spoke were those on their phones. Otherwise they walked by eachother, paying no mind to the young, healthy woman being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Adam shook his head as the doors closed. He looked at Janes peaceful face for a moment before hooking her up to the monitors. She would be sleeping for quite some time, now was the time to prepare her body for what was to come.

Jane wouldn’t be waking back up until her consciousness was ready for the warehouse.

—- * —-

Stay weird, y’all XOXO ❤️


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