Pay Attention? Ha!

In class?? I’m to pay attention in class?! Now why on Earth would I do that when I have a plethora of blank paper in front of me begging to have stories told to them?? Can’t you hear them screaming?? They yearn for fiction, for magic, and for tales of damsels and their heroes!! They would rather house horrors than the history of a local pharmacy. Though I may be confined to this chair, to this room, to this stale decrepit building, I will not confine my wrinkly brain to this textbook. Nor will I focus solely on the voice droning on and on about a world that tells you exactly what to think.

I’ll think for myself, thank you very much.

In one corner of my mind is an old, rusted filing cabinet. In front of that cabinet sits a sweet, selfless little creature dedicating it’s valuable life to filing away the information I don’t particularly care to pay attention to. Meanwhile, the rest of my mind has fireworks screaming across empty space. There are people running around laughing like children. There is a board of creatures sitting around, existing for the sole purpose of exchanging ideas for new worlds, new heroes, new deaths. There are creatures creating horror stories and nightmares. And I, am here to write about it. Drone on, sweet professor. The lecture is not falling on deaf ears. It’s just being filed away on it’s own. But while my friend does so for me, I’m gonna go play with literary fireworks.

Stay weird, yall XOXO ❤️


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