Current situation: Pampered

So my surgery was Thursday morning.

First good sign, I was there on time. For those of you that do not know me, let me just say that that is a rare treat. And I am ok with admitting that.

“Hi. My name’s Alli and I have to set my clock ahead in order to be on time…for just about anything.”

Second good sign? The woman registering me was not only patient access clerk of the year (literally…there was a plaque and everything…) but she also had Disney characters everywhere. Her cup was Cinderella’s castle. Her straw was covered in little Mickey’s. Everywhere. Disney was everywhere in that woman’s office. Now, that may not be comforting to some people, but I enjoyed it.

Then, because an office full of Disney was not enough, my nurse looked like Elsa. Even before they gave me the anesthesia. I did wait, however, to point this out because I figured it would be much more acceptable to tell my mom that my nurse was the ice queen after I was high. I was right.

From what I have gathered, everything went really well. I remember falling asleep in a really cold, brightly lit OR, and waking up in recovery with no voice and an incredibly dry, scratchy throat. I was told that my tubes are fine, but that they did find endometriosis as was expected. Carrying a child will not be a problem, but getting pregnant might prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Not really sure what the plan is from here, but I’ll have more information at my post-op. The most important question was answered, so I’m in no rush to ask much more. Right now I get the pleasure of sleeping as often as I want without being classified as a lazy bum. And that alone is a perk I’m willing to hang on to for the time being.

Stay weird, y’all XOXO


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