People always think that the worst thing about depression is being unbearably sad.

There are worse things.

Things like feeling nothing more than emptiness. Going days, months even, feeling like everything’s fine. You even allow yourself to celebrate, just a little on the inside. But you know deep down that there is never a final definitive win when you’re battling your own ghost. Then one day you wake up and just know the darkness is back, waiting to swallow you and take you in its vice grip. You’re not happy. You’re not sad. You’re not…anything…except cold. Hollow. Lost. And even though you know it’s time to get up and fight, even though you know you’re unwillingly being dragged back to the battlefield kicking and screaming, you’re exhausted before the battle even begins…

So no it’s not just being sad. It’s about fighting to feel something. Anything. Even if it is sadness…because there are worse things than sadness.

Keep fighting, you beautiful warrior. I’m right there with you…XOXO ❤️


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