Do You Trust Me?

Sometimes you just need to stretch your creative muscles before your heart gets ripped apart.


“Oh come on, don’t you trust me,” Allen asked.
Sadie chuckled. “Do I trust you?”
“Well yeah, it’s a simple question. Why’s it funny??”
“Of course I don’t trust you” Sadie said, continuing to chuckle.
Allen stopped walking and stared at her.
Sadie turned to address him, composing her face. “What? Not the answer you were expecting mister confident?”
“Why would you say that? I don’t think I deserve that, I’ve done nothing but love you.”
“Allen I don’t trust anyone. The very universe is untrustworthy, why on earth would I put my heart in the hands of a human being? Humans are messy and indecisive and emotional. And it’s not always by any fault of their own but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous. You are a good man with honorable intentions, I know. But as far as I’m aware you weren’t granted the gift of prophecy, am I wrong?”
“…No. Sadie what are you going on about??”
“Trust. You asked if I trust you and my answer is no. Not because you’re a despicable human being. But because you are a human being. Now come on,” she said, taking his hand to try and continue walking with him. He didn’t move. “Allen, really?”
“I don’t understand how you can say things like that to me, to be so unsure of me.”
“You. Are. Human. A human being that only knows of how his heart feels in this moment, in this instant. It’s impossible for you to know how you’ll feel in the future, and it is therefore impossible for me to know my heart is safe in your hands. Why do people tie that to their heart strings?? It’s not their fault for being fundamentally built for change! People put so much weight and emotion into loving someone for forever, for an eternity. But people can’t even define such a span of time, yet they throw words at it like paint to a canvas. I’m not so quick to jump. I was once and it was a pain so vast I wish to never again repeat it. Because of that I’d like to keep my heart in my own hands for as long as possible. I’m awfully tired of being broken and if you love me in this moment as you say you do, you’ll allow me my strength.”
Allen looked at the fire burning behind Sadie’s eyes for a moment before taking her face in his hands and kissing her gently. “Of course,” he said.


Stay weird, y’all XOXO


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