Cold Questionairre

A snippet of today’s doctors visit and the conversation taking place in my head:

“In the past two weeks have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless?”



“In the past two weeks have you thought about causing harm to yourself or to others?”



“If we ask you this question about 7 more times, will the answer change?”


Well at least you’re telling the truth there…

Would you shut up??

Uh. Have you met me? Hi. I’m your brain. I don’t have a filter, or an off button. We have a love/hate/mostly annoyed relationship. Pleased to make your acquaintance. 

When you force me to see a health care provider I’m not comfortable with, chances are I’m not going to spill the fragile contents of my brain just because a packet of surveys asked nicely. I guess it’s fitting. A piece of paper is about as caring and concerned as most of the overbooked, rushed, money hungry providers around here. Better luck next time. 


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