Light & Dark

She’d been fighting on for what seemed like ages and her body had finally had enough. Exhaustion took over and she collapsed to the floor. It felt like tile, cold and hard against her bare skin. Darkness came in around her and seemed to wrap her in its arms, so close that it felt as if it would soon permeate her skin. “Just lay still. Go to sleep,” Darkness whispered. “It’s easier to just be alone.”

She lifted her head slightly off the floor to look around. The only one there with her was Darkness.

“I’ll always be with you,” said Darkness.

I’ll just rest here a minute, she thought.

Minutes turned to hours, hours to days. Before she knew it, she’d lost track of how long she’d been laying there with Darkness.

“What if people are worried about me? I should probably go,” she said, starting to get back on her feet.

“No, no! Here,” Darkness said, pulling her back down. “Just rest. I’ll go in your place. People will never know the difference.”


It went on like this for what must have been at least a week. The longer she was there, the heavier she felt. The tile began to grow to be comfortable. She grew accustomed to the empty cold surrounding her. Her only company was Darkness. Darkness kept telling her everything would be fine, she just needed rest. And so she slept.


A hand shook her shoulder gently. She lifted her head, looking around. Darkness was no where to be seen, but she could feel her. It’s presence still weighed her down, keeping her to the ground. Darkness was somewhere close by.

She looked up to find whoever the hand that woke her belonged to. She was met with the same hand reaching out to her, holding out a pair of headphones. She took them and put them over her ears.

A piano played gently, beautifully. Someone was humming along. Children were giggling. There is a lion in your soul, a voice said. Fight back. 

She looked up and handed the headphones back.

“Darkness lies to you, sweet one. Give me your hand, come home.” Light extended a hand to her. As she took Light’s hand, she noticed scars on her own. She quickly tried to hide them. They made her feel weak and broken. “I love you,” Light said. “No matter what. You never have to hide.”


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