Update: I’m in Love

It is perfect. Right down to the wonky, crooked lettering. On my left arm I’m reminded of my purpose. I am to love God and love people, plain and simple. But so often I forget to love myself. I forget that I am seen as irreplaceable in His eyes. He knows my wicked heart and yet loves me still. 

I have been through dark days. I have thought dark things. I’ve worked out my death more than once, contemplated letting go on many occasions. But each time love has reached out her hand, taken hold of my heart and pulled me out of my own pit of endless anxiety and depression and self loathing.

I am a warrior. I’ve fought, and I’ve won. 

I am priceless. 

You are priceless

And our stories aren’t over yet. 

Stay strong, y’all XOXO ❤️


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  1. If you’re looking for something to pass the time I’ve nominated you for an award over on my blog:)x


    1. Oh awesome! Buuuut…It won’t route me to your blog 😦


      1. Oh wonderful! Thank you!!


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