Dear Women

In an effort to play along with the cries for equality, I also have a message for my fellow women. 

There’s no elegant way to say this so I’m just gonna call us all out. 

Stop being such bitches. 

How in the hell can we expect men to respect us when we don’t respect each other??? We’re so quick to push them back in line and raise our voices in the name of equality, but when did we stop looking at eachother as equals?? Aren’t we supposed to be on the same team?? Why is it all up to the men to make us feel beautiful and wanted?? 

We want women to feel empowered and yet the destruction is coming from our own sex. In motherhood alone I’ve seen the vicious hatred other women dish out when you don’t raise your children the way they did. Not breastfeeding? Not staying home? You want a career? You want to finish school? Not married? Then you better have tough skin because women you’ve never met before, companies, friends, even family will all have an opinion about that decision. And they aren’t always nice ones. 

And you know what, that’s bullshit. 

We are beautiful. And we need to stop making life such a damn competition. You wanna know why some men see us as a joke?? Because we don’t bother to prove them wrong. Does that mean you need to be a pompous ass? No. It means you should come alongside one another and fight bigotry with beauty. Wear your smile like a weapon. Empower other women with that same weapon. 

Equality isn’t about men vs women. It’s about human = human. 

Love people, y’all XOXO ❤️


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