I saw Darkness lurking around the corner. Perhaps Darkness thought she was sneaky, but it’s hard to miss her. It’s impossible to ignore the stench of misery looking for company. As I walked down the street I could feel her.

So I stopped.

As I began to turn my head I saw Darkness dart back into the alley. Back into the shadows where she felt most at home.
That was 3 weeks ago. And every day since then I keep hearing her whisper my name.

I’m not listening.
I’m not listening.
I won’t listen.

I hear her. “I know you’re exhausted. Just listen to me,” she whispers. “Come back into the dark. It’s quiet and you won’t have to deal with any of it.” 

But I’m not listening.

I close my eyes as tight as they’ll go, shove my headphones in, and ignore it all. 

I won’t listen.
I won’t listen.

It’s exhausting, she whispers.

I’m not listening.
You can’t do this.

You just need to rest. 

I won’t.
I won’t.
I can’t.


God I’m so tired…


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