One more day

How many times do you tell yourself to let your pride go before that pep talk turns into one big fuck it I’m done

How many times do you make excuses for a person and reach out a hand, because “they’re just lost.”

How many times do you stand on the bridge waiting before you walk away and set that bitch on fire??

Part of me says as many times as it takes. Part of me says you don’t give up.

You don’t walk away.

You don’t light the match.

Part of me screams ohana. Ohana. 

“What about Ohana?!? …Dad said ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

what about ohana….

…But the other part of me is really sick and tired of “ohana” being a one way fuckin street….

Time is precious, I know that. But I also know you can’t make someone be who you want or do what you think they should.

If by some miracle you read this, just know above all else, you’re family. And family will never be forgotten…please come home…
Stay weird, y’all XOXO

Ps. Crying + cheap ass makeup = makeup on your eyeballs. Waterproof mascara all the way, y’all. Wa.ter.proof.


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